The 2 Things You Absolutely Must Not Do at Chris Gethard's OFF-JFL Shows

Chris Gethard isn't just Ilana's boss on Broad City. He's also one of the best stand-up comedians working today simply because he has the deftness to make suicide, depression, alcoholism and other subject matter that makes you want to keel over and die funny. 

Seeing him at an intimate venue like Mainline Theatre on Thursday July 23rd, Friday July 24th or Saturday July 25th is sure to be a brag-worthy experience. That said, there are two thing you absolutely must not do when you go see him.


Do not refer to him as Chris "Get-Hard".

Whether you're referencing the lacklustre movie starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart or implying some kind of half-baked, flimsy-premised phallic joke, you must know that Chris has probably heard this millions of times already.

It's not clever. Not even close.


Do not quote this line from Broad City:


It's funny when little girls say it about Chris in a police lineup. It's not funny when you shout it at Chris while he's doing the impossible (i.e. making suicide funny). Please be respectful.

Besides, Chris has a history of confronting his trolls. Exhibit A:

Don't be doing that. You don't want to be Chris Gethard's troll.

So if you think you can have some restraint and not do either of these things, you're going to have a really good time seeing this darkly hilarious and understated comic, enjoy the show!

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