Asaf Gerchak is Very Special

Asaf Gerchak -- What a cutie!

Asaf Gerchak -- What a cutie!

Comedian of note Asaf Gerchak returns to Montreal Thursday March 30th to tape his debut comedy special at Turbo Haüs. Check the event page if you don't believe us. Those who know Asaf know he's a special performer and person. For those that don't need only to see what friends and well-wishers had to say about him ahead of his big night. 

Ali Hassan, comedian / actor / admirer:

He used to be fat and now he thinks he's something special with his svelte thighs and stuff...His comedy doesn't suck anymore because he is able to focus on one thing for longer than 15 seconds. I don't know if it's because of prescription drugs or what...but it is something you should see. We weren't always this lucky.

Steve Patrick Adams, adult mattress:

Asaf’s comedy should be illegal. I am not going to give you any more context or explain whether to take that literally or figuratively. Let’s just say that ultimately, missing his special recording would be like missing that space launch. I’m not going to tell you whether I’m referring to a successful space launch or the you-know-what. I’m already lined up.

How asaf sells himself on his personal website

How asaf sells himself on his personal website

Chris Durning, roast master:

As Asaf's former roommate, I can say his disconcerting sleep patterns and 3am cooking sessions make him very special. Oh, and his enormous penis.

John Hastings, spinner of yarns:

ASAF. Is amazing. I think he saved my life but who remembers Leningrad?

Drew Picklyk, host of Arts and Laughs Toronto:

No one puts the 'co' in 'co-host' quite like Asaf Gerchak. Asaf is one of the most brilliant stand ups of our time, and if you don't believe me just ask him.

Asaf Ger-cat.

Asaf Ger-cat.

Iain MacNeil, fragile like a baby:

Whenever I finish a stand-up set, I immediately need reassurance. "Were my jokes good? Did everyone notice that I stepped on my own punchline?" Whenever Asaf is around, I guess he's super sensitive to the insecurity pheromones my body gives off because he's always the first to encourage me before my inner-critic can destroy what little confidence I have. For always being there to build me up, despite being way too talented to waste time speaking to a comedian of my low-caliber, there will always be a special place in my heart for Asaf Gerchak.

Nancy Webb, human tortoise:

Asaf Gerchak is going really fast right now and we're all deeply proud.

Sasha Manoli, head honcho:

I can't find any words about Asaf but I drew this...

Portrait of asaf Gasschek by sasha manoli.

Portrait of asaf Gasschek by sasha manoli.

Léa Rondot, writer with good personality:

When I first met Asaf, you just had to look at him and he was funny. Since he's gone full GQ he's been forced to write jokes. I find Asaf Gerchak very funny. And I don't like comedy. If Asaf's comedy is in any way like his friendship, this show is bound to feel never-ending. I'm very happy Asaf Gerchak is finally filming a Special. It's the only way I'll get to hear his jokes more than once.

Get your tickets for Asaf Gerchak's and D.J. Mausner's special below.