Andy Kindler's My Heart

Whisper sweet complaints into my ear, Andy

Whisper sweet complaints into my ear, Andy

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for me, Iain MacNeil, to get on my knees and beg that everyone from the island of Montreal and any out-of-towners attending Just for Laughs recognize that the single most important comedian of our generation and generations past will be gracing this great city with his presence once again!

That’s right! ANDY KINDLER is back at Just for Laughs this summer.

“Most-important-comedian-of-our-generation-and-generations-past-Andy-Kindler?” you may ask. “I thought it was pronounced SIGN-FELD/SEE-KAY/PEE-TEARS/DONE-HAM.”

You ignorant slob. It’s ok. I too was unenlightened once. But then Andy Kindler came down from heaven or perhaps Los Angeles and showed me the light. And now I will do my best to spread the Gospel of Kindler so that you too may see the light.

Since I have already lobbied our readers to embrace Andy Kindler’s greatness by pulling on their heartstrings (see: A Love Letter to Andy Kindler), this year I will restrain myself from gushing and use the following to prove Mr. Kindler’s greatness:

For the last 20 years, Andy Kindler has been delivering the State of the Industry speech at Just for Laughs. What is that? It’s not for plebes like us. It’s where comedians and industry bigwigs flock to see Kindler get on his soapbox and knock the comedy world down a peg. Every year, Andy Kindler places potential career opportunities on an altar and sacrifices them so that he may passionately explain everything that’s wrong in the world of comedy. 

Listen to last year’s State of the Industry speech below:


And while you and I will likely not be allowed to attend Kindler’s address this year, THE ALTERNATIVE SHOW is a wonderful alternative. Rather than focus his neuroses on what’s wrong with comedy, every night Kindler celebrates his craft with a different cast of comedians he admires*.

The quintessential comic’s comic will be curating 5 nights of alt-comedy all-stars July 26th-30th. What more could you ask for?

*He at least he does a good job of selling his admiration when bringing them up on stage.