John Hastings Lost An Album And It's All My Fault

Comedian John Hastings.

Comedian John Hastings.

Last year, the Brunch Club brought storytelling comic John Hastings back to Montreal from his home in London, England to record a brand new comedy album. Unfortunately, the recording was compromised and I'm to blame.

John, on stage in the middle of weaving a riff back into his material, said something about being from Ottawa and, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I chimed in to ask, "YOU'RE FROM OTTAWA? WHAT HIGH SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO?" 

And he replied in a dry manner that one tends to adopt after years abroad in the UK, "Your enthusiasm is appreciated, sir. However, I would like to remind you that I am in the middle of recording my new album and if you could just wait until the end of the show..."

Never being one to abide by the rules or perfectly reasonable requests, I replied, "Just answer the damn question!"

After a hefty sigh, John replied, "Nepean High School. Now, where was I?"

"Go Knights!" 

"Excuse me?"

"Go Knights! Nepean Knights. I went to Nepean too. Cool, right?"

John did not seem impressed, even though the likelihood of two Nepean High School alumni reuniting at a Montreal comedy venue is...well...pretty high. His expression sank as if to say, "I have approximately thirty minutes of new material recorded, but the show's big payoff has been sandbagged by this interruption." 

Being a true professional, John finished the recording but his effort to salvage the recording would be in vain as he would later discover I had removed one of the mics hanging from the ceiling with the intention of capturing the audience's laughter to add my own commentary on his material. Apparently, this unsolicited contribution was "highly inappropriate," whatever that means.

After some serious convincing, John Hastings has put his grudge aside to do it all over again. On Sunday, January 15th, John Hastings will be at Turbo Haus to record his brand new show "Integrity", which debuted at Edinburgh Fringe this past summer and tells the story of an expiring visa, friends fighting and a REAL LIFE MURDER.

Come to see masterful storytelling comedy. Stay for the suspense of how I will fuck it up. RSVP on Facebook or get your tickets now: 8:30 show / 10:30 show.