7 Questions You May Or May Not Have About Dave Merheje But We’ll Answer Anyway

I want to listen to this “Lemonade” everyone’s been talking about. May I please have the login information for this hip-and-with-it young man’s Tidal account?

No. And “this hip-and-with-it young man” has a name, you know. It’s Dave Merheje.

Dave Merheje, huh? That sounds familiar. Isn’t he a member of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pussy Posse or something?

No, Dave is currently not a member of Leo’s tight knit friend group, but they’d be lucky to have him. Rumour has it the boys offered him a spot after seeing him steal the show on an episode of MuchMusic’s Video on Trial, but he politely declined. As a “thanks but no thanks” gift/tribute to Leo, he saved six baby seals less than week later.

Wow! This man sounds like a force to be reckoned with. When he’s not saving sea creatures or being propositioned by the King of the World, what does he do?

He’s a comedian, obviously. How did you not pick up on that vibe the second you visited this website? OK, that was rude, sorry about that. Yes, Dave is a comedian. In fact, he’s one of our personal favourites. We would literally die for him, assuming the death was quick, painless and heavily documented.

I have trust issues. You may like him just fine, but how do I know I will too? Give me hard evidence that he’s good.

You want the proof? You can’t handle the proof! That was a combination joke/reference to that Tom Cruise movie we’ve never seen, but hear is pretty good. To be clear, that laugh riot was not written by Dave Merheje. You sound like a math person, critical stranger. Take the funniness of that joke, multiply it by about 300,000, subtract each and every trace of cornballery, then add smarts and talent and you’ve got something that begins to approximate the quality of comedy you can expect at a Dave Merheje show. If that’s not enough for you, consider this: he’s an award-winning comic who travels the world with the sole aim of making people laugh. And he succeeds. Every. Single. Time.

OK, I’m listening…

Fun fact: Drake’s “Successful” was originally titled “Successful (Like Dave Merheje)”. What can we say? He’s an inspiration to all!

Wait, wasn’t Trey Songz featured on that track?  What’s that guy up to these days?

Very, very good question, critical stranger. We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you. He may or may not be typing this right now…. (he’s not). Please note that Dave Merheje is not implicated in our very real and in no way a joke hostage holding of Trey Songz.

Well, it sounds like Trey is in good hands, wherever he may be. Back to the matter at hand – I really like the sounds of this Merheje guy. Have you kidnapped him, too?

We wouldn’t dream of it! He’s just got too much to offer this cruel and unforgiving world! As a matter of fact, he’ll be TAPING A LIVE SHOW at the DRAKE HOTEL in TORONTO May 31st. Go to the early show at 7:30PM, then go back for seconds at 10PM because once you’ve tasted his sweet, sweet com (as in comedy, perv), you’ll be hooked. It’s the only addiction we can wholeheartedly support.