5 Reasons Why My Mom Wants You To Buy Local (Comedy) This Summer

Me (right) & mom (left) taking in some local Memphis tourism circa 2012.

Me (right) & mom (left) taking in some local Memphis tourism circa 2012.

You guys! Did you know that OFF-JFL--Just For Laughs' vertical brand extension that's all about alternative comedy in unique and intimate venues--has a ton of local comedians in the program with shows that ought to fill you with civic pride. 

Tranna Wintour and Thomas Leblanc have a three-night revival of Sainte Celine! Daniel Carin and Chris Sandiford take their weekly comedy show, the NDG institution that is The Ladies and Gentlemen Comedy Show, to the big time. The Brunch Club has 3 (count 'em, THREE) shows--1. A Stand Up Guide to Montreal    2. Baby Put ME in a Corner: The Steve Patrick Adams Story  3. Arts and Laughs--and they're good shows, give them chances!

It is incredibly important that you, dear reader, consider supporting local comedy this year at OFF-JFL because...actually...I'm not sure why. I mean, aside from the fact that it would really mean a lot to us if you came to see all of us dreamers reach for the proverbial stars and come back down to Earth with the leverage of a brand name comedy festival on our resumes for the rest of our pursuit in crazy lil place I like to call showbiz.

But you know who can tell you buying local is important! My mom! 

My mom, aka #1 Mom, practically never shuts up about her locally bought produce, clothes, furniture, etc. With this in mind, I called my mom to find out why we should buy local (comedy) this summer, recorded our conversation and you can listen to it below.




Iain: HI MOM.

Mom: Hi.

Iain: How ya doing?

Mom: Good! Very good. How are you doing?

Iain: I’m alright. I do have a pressing question that I need to ask you though.

Mom: Ok.

Iain: Why...is it...important...to buy local?

Mom: I have 5 good reasons to buy local.

Iain: OOOO! 5! 

Mom: Yes.

Iain: Fantastic. Do you want to start with, maybe, #3?

Mom: #3. So #3 on my list is because when you buy local you contribute to the local economy, so it helps sustain jobs in the community and it also keeps the money flowing through the community and we all benefit if people are working and are able to earn their living. 

Iain: Fantastic. What are the other four reasons?

Mom: The first one on my list was because when you buy local, you buy a unique product or service. You can get the same products virtually all over the world because of mass production. So local give you an alternative. The products are only available on the local level and that makes them unique! 

Iain: GOOD. Continue please.

Mom: The second on my list was quality. Products or services that are produced by a local entrepreneur, that individual or those individuals own the product and they take a lot of pride in what they do. So, based on my experience, the quality of products made locally are typically top notch.

Iain: Well, ok, that doesn’t really apply to what we’re trying to do here. But please, keep going! You’re convincing me!

Mom: It could! It could. Because, you know, when people take ownership, they take a lot of pride in what they do and if they are representing a community, that can make a difference.

Iain: I guess we’ll find out in July...

Mom: Yes you will. I don’t know how much this applies to what you’re trying to do but: relationships. When you buy locally, you get to know the folks involved. And you typically get better service because you have a network and relationships within that community.

Iain: Mmmhm. That makes sense and I think it does apply to this situation. 

Mom: Good. AND my fifth reason on my list of Top 5 Veronica list is...ah...it makes you feel good! 

Iain: That’s the best reason.

Mom: It really is! I feel really like I am making a difference to people. And that feels good. 

Iain: That’s sweet. Mom, thank you so much for teaching us a valuable lesson today. 

Mom: You’re very welcome. Any time you need a valuable lesson, you are free to call me.

So that’s why my mom thinks you should buy local if you’re planning to take in the Just For Laughs festival this summer.

And if you need to be taught a valuable lesson by my mom, #1 mom, you are free to call her any time at [REDACTED FOR HER PROTECTION].