5 Questions With: Someone Who Went to the One Tree Hill Convention in Montreal

A few weeks back, some Montrealers (okay, me) woke up to find this image in their instagram feed. "Looks like the cast of one tree hill got together for a reunion, how nice". "Wait... is that a 'SORTIE' sign in the background? Where are they? What is happening?" A quick google search informed us that, yup(!) we missed a One Tree Hill Convention in our own backyard.   

We tracked down a Emilie Doucet, a One Tree Hill fan who was on the ball enough to actually attend this thing and was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the convention for those of us who (clearly) need to pay more attention to what's going on.

Top: Emilie with Sophia Bush / bottom: emilie with bethany joy lenz

Top: Emilie with Sophia Bush / bottom: emilie with bethany joy lenz

BC: Who were you most excited to see at the ‘convention’ and why?  

ED: Unlike most of the girls there who I’m guessing were most excited to see Sophia Bush, I was honestly most excited to see Bethany Joy Lenz aka Haley James Scott. Haley is my favorite character on the show and I also think Joy (real fans know she goes by Joy, not Bethany) is super talented and I’m a big fan of her music. I’ve been following her on Instagram for many years and she’s always seemed like a cool, funny person who I would want to be friends with. If you haven’t seen it, she has a “web series” called Sass n Wine where she drinks wine and says sassy things and it’s amazing. (By the way, she’s very nice in person for anyone wondering).

I was also really excited to see Sophia Bush, because she’s a perfect human being who is just as flawless in person (also extremely nice and super chatty with all the fans). I was particularly excited to smell her (creepy I know), since she’s always going on and on about her “I Smell Great” perfume on Instagram. Unfortunately, when I got my picture taken with her, I leaned in and I am sad to report that she didn’t smell like anything…

BC: The way I remember it, OTH was one of the most dramatic teen shows to ever exist. In your opinion, what was the most dramatic moment of the OTH convention? 

ED: The most dramatic moment was probably when Sophia Bush arrived. She wasn’t there at the beginning when all of the guests came on stage, because she was filming Chicago PD late the night before, and her plane hadn’t arrived yet. Sometime in the early afternoon, they told us that she had arrived and that she would be there in 5 minutes, at which point everyone stood up, started screaming, turned to the door where she would come in and lifted up their phones ready to take pics. A bunch of people even stood up on their chairs to get a good view of her when she walked in. They announced that she was walking down the hall and would be here any second, and the crowd went nuts and started chanting her name, until she finally walked in and was whisked to the stage. To hear the sound the crowd made, you would’ve thought Beyonce had just walked in. It took a few minutes for the crowd to quiet down enough for her to be able to speak and tell us how happy she was to be there. She then left the stage and was rushed out the door. I spent the next few minutes just trying to process the fact that I had just seen Brooke Davis in person and that I would be getting my picture taken with her in a couple of hours!

Also notable mention to when a girl fell off her chair during the Paul Johansson/Daphne Zuniga panel (aka Dan and Victoria), and Paul lept off the stage to make sure she was okay and gave her a big hug. (By the way, Paul is a super funny, nice guy and is not at all like Dan). Also to when they announced at the very end of the convention, when all of the guests were assembled on the stage, that they would be returning to Montreal for another convention next year!

BC: Did Stephen Colletti talk about Laguna Beach and/or The Hills and/or Lauren Conrad and/or Kristin Cavallari? If so, please do us all a favor and  spill the beans on what he said.

ED: A few people asked Stephen about Laguna Beach during the panels and he did not at all attempt to hide his disdain for the show. Someone asked him “Brooke or LC?” and he quickly answered “Brooke, no question.” And when the translator (everything they said had to be translated into French it was super annoying) asked Stephen who LC was, he responded “Just some girl”… So I’m guessing they’re not still friends.

Someone else asked him if he preferred reality TV or scripted TV and he answered that he preferred scripted, that he would never do reality again and that as soon as he saw the first episode of Laguna Beach, he knew he hated reality TV. Not gonna lie, as a fan of Laguna Beach that was a little hard to hear, but it also made me respect him more for not sugar coating his feelings towards it.

BC: Celebrity Couple Alert: Undateable’s Rick Glassman and resident OTH psycho, Nanny Carrie (played by Torrey DeVito). On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute are they IRL?

ED: So, I was not aware until a about a month ago that Torrey and Rick were dating. Imagine my surprise when I’m hanging out at Just for Laughs in July and I see Nanny Carrie walk by. I found out later that she was at JFL because her boyfriend is Rick Glassman from Undateable. I saw them a few times during the festival, she always glued to his side, holding his hand. Pretty effin cute.

Fast forward to the convention, and Rick is right by Torrey’s side. He was pretty present throughout the weekend, following her around, taking pics with her cast mates...At her panels, I spotted him watching from the side of the stage. She even gave him a couple shout outs, like when a fan told Torrey that they have vegan poutine at La Banquise and she turned to Rick and said “Babe write that down!”.

I would give them an 8 out of 10 on the cuteness scale, they seem like a sweet couple, and it’s nice to see that they support each other’s careers equally.

BC: Shocker: There were quite a few people who weren’t present at this thing. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t ask about ‘em. Marry/Fuck/Kill: Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Julian Baker?

l to r: Julian baker, nathan scott, lucas scott

l to r: Julian baker, nathan scott, lucas scott

ED: The first one is easy: Kill Lucas Scott. I’ve never liked Lucas, he’s super pretentious and he treated Brooke and Peyton like garbage and yet they were both obsessed with him for some reason. I could never handle his whole brooding, overly dramatic vibe.

Fuck Julian Baker: he’s really good-looking but I wouldn’t want him around for too long. He lost all his edge as soon as he got together with Brooke and, in my opinion, became one of the more boring characters on the show.

Marry Nathan Scott: Nathan is the best. He’s hot and not too whiny and boring like Lucas and Julian. He seems like the perfect husband, which is one of the reasons everyone is so obsessed with Naley. (Damn you James Lafferty for cancelling at the last minute…)

If you're bummed that you missed out on the convention, we've got great news for you! The stars of our fave CW show will be back in Montreal NEXT SUMMER. Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased here.