5 Questions With: O'Swag (HHK Montreal Organizer)

Ever wonder what it would be like to perform your fave hip hop track on stage in front of a live audience? Don't lie, of course you have! Here's a tip -- Hip Hop Karaoke is the place to do it. These amazing parties pop up every now and then, and give regular Joe's the opportunity to get up on that stage and let their inner gangsta out. The next HHK is going down this Friday, so who better to ask 5 questions to than O'Swag - HHK organizer and hip hop lover.

O'Swag letting the beat take over

O'Swag letting the beat take over

BC: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life -- I mean FOREVER, what would it be?

OS: Dr.Dre - the Chronic 2001 (but Warren G’s “Regulate…G Funk Era” is a very, very close second)

BC: What's your fave HHK memory?

OS: My first time performing! It was such a thrill. I remember getting dressed up and being so nervous that I’d forget a line. I performed with my girl Baby J and we did “aint nothing but a G thang”, I was Dre and she was Snoop. It was so gratifying and ultimately what started my love affair with HHK and led me to becoming one of the event’s organizers!

O'Swag and DJ Cosmo

O'Swag and DJ Cosmo

BC: Which 5 people, dead or alive or in jail, would you invite to your dinner party?

OS: Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Woody Allen, Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Kiedis 

BC: Which of these seemingly non-violent OGs do you think would win in a fight Jay-Z or Dr. Dre?

OS: Physically, Dre. In a rap battle, Hova without a (reasonable) doubt.



BC: Marry/Fuck/Kill: Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar?

OS: You’re the worst! This is tough. Marry Drake (how could I not?), Kill Kanye, Bang Kendrick.

BC: Okay, bonus question... What can we expect to see at the next HHK?

OS: You can expect nothing but pure hip hop magic and synergy!
No but for real, it’s always a good time and the vibes are on point. Performers get really into it and the track list for this upcoming HHK is looking really dope.
We’ve got people performing Outkast, Jay Z, Big Sean, IAM, Busta Rhymes and a bunch more! Come thru!!!

The next HHK Montreal is Friday, October 16th. Hosted by D-Shade with beats by Simahlak and a special performance by Chocolate Jungle. FREE OUTDOOR SHOW on St. Denis between Marie-Anne and Mount-Royal. For more info, click HERE.