DÉPLIES Interview With Creator Alain Mercieca

I sat down to speak with creator and star of Dépflies, Alain Mercieca, about the recent success of his long time play turned TV sitcom. After entering the Comedy Coup competition last year, Déplflies garnered fans across canada ultimately landing them a TV development deal with the CBC. I spoke with Alain about his recent triumphs and how life has changed since.

Now that you signed a development deal with CBC, I've noticed your ego's inflated. How much bigger would you say your ego has gotten?

I bough thirty-five mirrors yesterday.  

Let's just say, you know that time Christian Bale freaked out on a lighting guy?That's me except everyone I meet. Like I don't eat croissants.  Croissants are lucky to be near my mouth, you know?  Food begs other food to have the chance to get eaten by my CBC-mouth.

Follow up question: how much champagne are you now drinking daily?

Not including breakfast, 4 metric tonnes.  

What is your favourite dep?

The one I'm getting drunk closest to.

What is your favourite item to purchase at said dep?

Honesty tells me beer, but I also enjoy something about the styrofoam-water-taste of a "dep coffee", the coffee represents anti-gentrification to me.  It is perhaps that in the morning, when said coffee is purchased, there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" in the air that makes one realize "oh yah, this isn't just a factory of beer and chips, it is also a place where morning glories take place"

If CBC decided to replace you as the lead, Peter, who would the ideal replacement be?

Barbara Streisand.  Wait, is she alive?  I don't have time to google her current existence.  If she's gone, then obviously Nick Nolte.  Otherwise Barbara.  

Where would you say you draw your inspiration from as an artist?

From the fact that I'm not shitting.

You know how we breathe and we can look with our eyes at stuff? That's where. The swimming pool. I only write while swimming.

Do you think you'd get along with Shia LeBeouf?

It depends which way he voted.  I think I'd wrestle him and we'd be great in a Lars Von Trier movie in which our dicks are tied up together accidentally.  A buddy comedy.

Just For Laughs is producing a single Depflies Show this year. Is this correct?

It's actually a Dépflies opera.  Pavarotti will be in the beer fridge.  I'm super excited about the team we've assembled.  

Catch Dépflies July 20th at Just For Laughs. Click here for more info.