There’s Nothing 'Undateable' About Brent Morin

Brent Morin ticks off all the boxes of what one would want in a man, and then some.

• Piercing blue eyes that you could get lost in: Check
• Voice of an angelic boy band singer from the ‘00s: Check
• Charismatic charm of a young Tom Cruise (Top Gun, Cocktail, Risky Business years): Check
• Above average sense of humour?: Check! Check! Check!

16-year-old me would be tearing this guys' picture out of Tiger Beat magazine and taping it inside my locker. That gorgeous pristine smile...but I digress.

"Hello. My name is Brent 'Dreamboat' Morin. What's yours, beautiful?" 

"Hello. My name is Brent 'Dreamboat' Morin. What's yours, beautiful?" 

But let's get real ladies and gentlemen, what really make someone attractive is what's on the inside, and Brent's insides are bursting with talent (gross image but you get the point). He’s the star of NBC's Undateable, now going into its 3rd season which will be broadcast LIVE, was named Variety's 10 comics to watch 2013 and is a stellar comedian. 

"I now have a crush on Brent Morin. Where can I ogle him in person?"

Of course you do. Good thing he's all over Just For Laughs this year. Get your calendars out: