Is Jen Kirkman at OFF-JFL Right for Me? A Brunch Club Questionnaire


Comedian, podcaster and New York Times best-seller Jen Kirkman will be doing five solo shows at The Wiggle Room during OFF-JFL this year. Take it from us, you need to see her show because it’s Jen-Fucking-Kirkman.

However, we here at the Brunch Club know that being in the presence of one of comedy’s most acerbic wits isn’t enough to get your average Montrealer to cancel plans to litter their favourite park with empty beer cans. You need to be reassured that the $20.87 you’ll spend to see Jen Kirkman is going to be well spent because who knows when you’ll ever have $20.87 again?

To ensure that seeing Jen Kirkman is right for you, The Brunch Club has created the following questionnaire. Answer these # simple yes or no questions and you’ll find out if seeing Jen Kirkman’s solo show is right for you.

Is Jen Kirkman Right for Me?

- Are you comfortable with the possibility of dying alone?

Oui / Non

- Does thinking about divorce make you feel bitter?

Oui / Non

- Do you enjoy sitting alone in bed and podcasting what’s on your mind?

Oui / Non

- When dressing yourself, do you try to go for androgynous disco over cleavage and sexiness?

Oui / Non

- Do you feel the need to say “female comedian”?

Oui / Non

- Are you threatened by confident women with microphones?

Oui / Non

- What are you some kinda moron?

Oui / Non

If you answered, "OUI" (or "YES") to all these questions, I regret to inform you that seeing Jen Kirkman's live show at OFF-JFL is not right for you. Instead, we must recommend that you consult with health professionals and loved ones to determine what the hell wrong with you.

If you answered, "NON" (OR "NO") to all these questions, then congratulations! You're qualified to see an unforgettable hour of comedy from July 20th to July 25th at 9:30PM at the Wiggle Room! Click here for tickets.

Watch Jen kill at the Melbourne Comedy Festival to get psyched for her OFF-JFL solo shows. It'll be like the video below but more cutting 'cause it will be unfiltered Jen Kirkman in an intimate setting. 

It's gonna be a blast. See you there!