10 Montreal Landmarks even locals need to make time to visit.


Since the Mike Lawrence show is still 14 days away, we thought it would be a good ideal to suggest some local landmarks for you to visit while you wait. 

10. Mount Royal

People from the West Coast like to joke, "What mountain? This isn't a mountain. It's just a hill!" For disrespecting your city, push them off one of the mountain's many cliffs and see if they still think it's "just a hill".


9. Old Port

If you like cobblestones and the smell of horse shit, then the Old Port is the place to be!


8. Olympic Stadium

Go see how public funds will be mishandled in the upcoming renovations for this historic Montreal landmark.


7. Ile Ste Helene

Because what could possibly be more exciting than leaving an island for an even smaller island?


6. Saint Joseph's Oratory

LOL. Just playing. Don't go there. Wait until they replace all them damn stairs with escalators.


5. Parc Ex.

It's the new Mile End. Lay your claims now because you want to be an OG before full-blown gentrification.


4. Bagels ETC.

This charming little brunch spot is allegedly owned by world-renowned poet/musician Lenny Cohen. If you see him there, be like, "Sup?" He likes that kind of stuff.


3. Farine Five Roses

Realistically, it's just a fucking sign. But as far as signs go, this one's a pretty nice one.


2. Eiffel Tower

Fuck you, Paris! You think you're so hot? Well...you're not! Some day we're going to have a stupid tower at our Champs de Mars too! FUCK YOU PARIS. Montreal is the world's best francophone metropolis! 


1. the dep


Is there anything more magical and iconic than visiting your favourite dep where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came. The dep is where you can see, our troubles are all the same. The dep is where everybody knows your name.


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